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The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Norske Skog supports the work of establishing a global standard for sustainability reporting. The GRI guidelines have been used since 2003 as a tool in the work of developing such reporting.

The GRI’s guidelines have been developed through an extensive process involving hundreds of reporters, report users and professional intermediaries from around the world. G4 therefore offers a globally relevant framework to support a standardized approach to reporting, encouraging the degree of transparency and consistency that is required to make information useful and credible to markets and society.

Following the restructuring of Norske Skog, there will not be made an annual report with a CSR-section for 2017 and 2018, thus nor GRI Standard Index. It has been made CSR-report and thus GRI-table for the years after 2017 for Norske Skog ASA.

For more information on the GRI, see www.globalreporting.org.


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