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Mark of excellence

 The Nor-symbol is our mark of excellence. Only paper products that meet Norske Skog's "Consistently reliable" standards carry the Nor-symbol. The Nor-symbol is a quality mark that guarantees optimal printability and runability for our customers.

Our goal is to make the Nor-symbol a brand our customers trust because of its proven reliability.


Nornews is a high-quality standard newsprint product.

Improved newsprint

Improved newsprint products provide a range of brightness which enhances the printed images. The result is an appealing final product with high bulk and stiffness. 

Super calandered (SC)

Super calandered (SC) is uncoated paper for rotogravure and heat set web offset.


Light weight coated (LWC) comes in matt or gloss finish, several brightness levels and many basic weights.

Directory paper

Directory is lightweight, strong and performs exceptionally well on the press.


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Norske Skog ASA
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