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Dividend policy

Dividend principles

As set out in the Corporate Governance Principles, the company shall, at all times, have a clear and predictable dividend policy established by the board of directors. The dividend policy forms the basis for the board of directors' proposals on dividend payments to the company's general meeting. The dividend policy shall be disclosed to the shareholders. The background for any proposal to grant the board of directors an authorisation to approve the distribution of dividends should be explained. 

Dividend policy for Norske Skog ASA

The following dividend policy has been resolved by the board of directors on 11 September 2019:

The company's dividend policy is to pay dividends reflecting the underlying earnings and cash flow while ensuring efficient capital allocation in the group. When deciding the dividend level, the board will among other things take into consideration capital expenditure plans, financing requirements and maintaining the appropriate strategic flexibility of the group.



Norske Skog ASA
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Norske Skog ASA
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