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We create green value

Why invest in Norske Skog

Norske Skog is a global and green industrial company built on renewable wood fibre and sustainable energy. Uniquely positioned to channel existing operational cash flow into future investment opportunities, which are identified and developed on basis of quality industrial sites and strong process industry competence.

  • Publication paper: Improve and optimise publication paper cash flows
  • Packaging paper: Become a leading European producer of renewable packaging
  • Fibre and energy: Diversify and innovate within fibre and energy

"Norske Skog creates green values from wood fibre and sustainable energy for the benefit of all stakeholders"

Norske Skog is committed to create green value for all its stakeholders.

  • Open and trustworthy reporting and communication
  • Responsible and reliable along all dimensions
  • Environmental agenda aligned with Sustainable Development Goals
  • Strong industry position with world-class assets
  • Environmentally efficient production
  • High share of green energy access and production
  • Clear approach to raw material contracts and hedging
  • Existing and material cash flow generative operations
  • Entering the large and growing packaging paper market
  • Actively developing biochemicals and biomaterials products
  • Fully financed on competitive financing terms
  • Strong balance sheet and liquidity


Norske Skog ASA
PB 294 Skøyen
0213 Oslo

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Norske Skog ASA
Sjølyst plass 2
0278 Oslo