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Norske Skog ASA: Press release related to the Initial Public Offering process (IPO 2019)


This is purely an information to guide you to the IPO 2019 internet page: www.norskeskog.com/Investors/IPO-2019

In order to read the content of this IPO release, you must go to the website given above. Access to the information and documents of the IPO-2019 portion of the website is restricted for regulatory reasons. You are requested to confirm your country of residence and confirm certain other information to be allowed access to the IPO2019 restricted information. Your confirmation must be true and accurate.

8 October 2019

Norske Skog
Communications and Public Affairs


Norske Skog ASA
PB 294 Skøyen
0213 Oslo

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Norske Skog ASA
Sjølyst plass 2
0278 Oslo