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Proposed reduction of Norwegian CO2 compensation


The Norwegian National Budget for 2023 proposes a reduction of the CO2 compensation to Norwegian industry of approximately NOK 2.7 billion annually. Norske Skog expects a reduction in the CO2 compensation payment to be received from 2023 and onwards of approximately NOK 140 million annually.

Yesterday, 6 October 2022, the Norwegian government presented its National Budget proposal for 2023. The budget proposes to reduce the CO2 compensation to Norwegian industry. The CO2 compensation is an EU initiative, which can be implemented at the discretion of each individual member country, designed to mitigate the impact of high CO2 allowance (EUA) prices on electricity costs. The overall ambition is to avoid transfer of energy intensive industries to countries with less strict climate policies outside the EU, this has been termed Carbon Leakage.

The size of the CO2 compensation is, among other, based on electricity  consumption and the average CO2 allowance price for the preceding year. Starting in 2023, the government has proposed to introduce a price floor whereby the  industry will only receive compensation for the CO2 allowance price that exceeds NOK 200.

“The Norwegian government had a possibility under the EEA agreement to support investments in energy intensive industries by using the scope of the CO2 compensation scheme. By first lowering the adjustment factor and now introducing a floor in the scheme, Norway is losing competitiveness to its European trading partners. This makes future investments in Norway less likely and increases uncertainty for the industry”, says Sven Ombudstvedt, CEO of Norske Skog ASA. 

For Norske Skog, this implies that the Norwegian CO2 compensation to be paid in 2023 under the National Budget for 2023 will be reduced with approximately NOK 140 million. The CO2 compensation to be paid in 2023 is directly tied to electricity consumption and the related publication paper production in 2022, and has thus been recognised as a decrease in cost of materials in 2022. The reduction of the Norwegian CO2 compensation for the first three quarters of 2022 will be reflected in the third quarter results for 2022. 

The Norwegian CO2 compensation to be paid in 2022 under the National Budget for 2022 has not been changed, and the payment is expected to be received in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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