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Saugbrugs Biogas

End use:                                      Fuel for utility vehicles
Product Family:                      Biogas

Characterization data:        Biogas type A (SS 15 54 38)

Wobbe index MJ/Nm3:        44,7 – 46,4
Methane content vol-%:     97 +/- 1

Producer:                                   Norske Skog Saugbrugs

Contact:                                      Managing director Tord S. Torvund (tord.torvund@norskeskog.com)

Biogas is produced from organic material in the waste waters from paper production and ensures a very high utilisation of the incoming woods. It is typically used as a green fuel in various types of utility vehicles like buses, lorries, etc.




Norske Skog ASA
PB 294 Skøyen
0213 Oslo

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Norske Skog ASA
Sjølyst plass 2
0278 Oslo